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John Moore of Outerknown - Editorial


John Moore of Outerknown


Outerknown is a label synonymous with the surf-inspired, stripped-back, timeless aesthetic which seems to be riding an eminent wave in contemporary menswear at the moment. The

fact that the sophisticated offering is designed with the environment in mind and completely sustainable is all the more commendable. Envisioned by designer John Moore (previously known for his work with menswear retro swim brand M.Nii ) and friend, champion surfer Kelly Slater, the label launched in July 2015.

The feature was an exclusive profile piece included on Oliver Grand .

Photography: Trevor King / Creative Director: Jesse Arifien / Editor: Huw Bennett

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Our entire staff is small and I would say that the research and time we put into finding new resources and materials are never ending. We’re obsessed with it. It’s an extension of our daily activities.
— John Moore
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