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Bobby Hundreds of The Hundreds


Bobby Hundreds of The Hundreds


Prominently known as the co-founder of streetwear label, The Hundreds , Bobby is a man of profuse talents: photographer, designer, illustrator, just to name a few. Also an esteemed writer, Bobby is a storyteller by nature. The Hundreds is informed by a similar narrative approach: “we entered the market with graphic t-shirts and L.A. workwear back in 2003, and broadcasted our lifestyle through my blog on thehundreds.com . We’ve stayed true to relaying this ongoing narrative to our community through media and quality garments,” says Bobby.

The feature was an exclusive profile piece included on Oliver Grand.

Photography Trevor King / Creative Director Jesse Arifien / Editor Jesse Arifien

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We fight for this brand everyday, like it’s a fresh start. Everything matters, and I think that’s the least we can do for someone willing to shell out their hard-earned cash for some of our product
— Bobby Hundreds